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Smarter Battery 4.0

Battery monitoring utility to prolong battery life and save energy
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Smarter Battery is intended to allow you to use your laptop in portable mode for longer times. Likewise, it can extend battery life by creating various energy saving plans and providing helpful information, such as design capacity, fully charged capacity, current capacity, among others.

The application shows an illustrative graph of the evolution of battery’s performance over time. It can tell you, for instance, exactly when you plugged your laptop to the mains, how long it has been charging, etc.

The program helps you configure some settings that are difficult to access in Windows, such as deactivating Aero features and 3D animations, which consume a lot of energy. Besides, it lets you calibrate your PC depending on the mode you use it most frequently: on AC or battery. Fortunately, there is the possibility of activating Green Mode with a single click, which dims screen backlight, turns sound volume down, and reduces processor performance.

All in all, Smarter Battery is an excellent substitute for Windows energy management features. However, it also has some drawbacks. Although it can save your battery’s status for future reference, it cannot be scheduled to do that at a given time or frequency, which would provide very useful data to analyze battery behavior.

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  • It can provide accurate information about your battery status
  • It lets you activate Green Mode with a single click
  • It facilitates accessing to Windows energy-saving features
  • It helps you calibrate your laptop to save energy


  • It cannot be scheduled to save battery parameters at regular intervals
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