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Keeping an eye on your laptop’s battery consumption should be part of the standard maintenance procedure performed in all portable computers. Smarter Battery provides you with all the tools and data you need to know more about how your battery is behaving, its remaining useful time, its overall wear level, its charging and discharging cycles, and to help you manage its capacity more wisely.

While other similar tools will barely inform you about the current charge of your battery or batteries and the estimated time left, Smarter Battery adds to that useful information details about its true capacity, its name and manufacturer, serial number, and even its manufacture date (when available) or its chemistry. It will also show you in a convenient graph its charging and discharging curve, in a period of up to 16 hours.

Once you know all you need to know about your laptop’s battery, the program offers you a comprehensive set of tools and utilities to make the most of its capacity. It provides you with alerts that will warn you whenever the battery reaches the thresholds you set for a first warning and a critical alert, which may or may not include a minutes count of the battery life left. Smarter Battery comes also with a wide set of settings and adjustments designed to avoid unnecessary battery consumption, especially when the levels are low. Thus, you can adjust the brightness of the screen, mute the speakers, disable the high-consuming Aero them, and set the laptop to hibernate or ever shut down under certain circumstances. For more savvy users, Smarter Battery comes also with battery calibration and fast discharging capabilities.

Thus, Smarter Battery is much more than just a widget to let you know how your battery is doing – it is a professional tool that provides exhaustive information not only to professionals but also to any laptop user interested in knowing more about how to make the most of the batteries installed in their portable computer.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Suitable for both laptops and tablets
  • Includes a fast discharge function
  • Calibrates your laptor battery
  • Offers configurable alerts for low battery levels
  • Optimizes your laptop for a wiser battery usage


  • Dark and at times confusing interface
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