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Smarter Battery 1.6

A program packed with cleverly designed tools for monitoring your laptop battery
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Smarter Battery is a utility for monitoring your laptop’s battery. The interface is pleasant to the eyes and easy to work with. The first tab from the interface (there are 5 total) shows all available battery information, e.g. it’s device name, serial number, chemistry type, capacity and so on. Some data may not be available if your device does not support it, i.e. there are no available sensors to measure it (e.g. temperature).

The application is cleverly designed and some features can help you get a completely new perspective about how your battery is performing and how worn out it is. An example of a simple but intelligent feature can be seen in the “Graphic Evolution” tab. Here, the utility continually draws a graph of how much percent of the battery is charged in relation to the time that has passed. Furthermore, when the cells are discharging, two slanted lines predict how the graph will evolve. These indicate a best-case scenario and a worst-case scenario. With the aid of this graph, you can easily get a clearer picture over how your battery is performing, overall or when your laptop is running certain programs/operations, etc.

The trial version has a few limitations but it still allows you to get a very good idea about what the program does and how well it does it. You can open this tool just 10 times and it monitors your system for only 15 minutes, at each run, after which you have to buy a license if you desire to continue using it. It’s disappointing that the calibration and discharging features are disabled in the demonstrative version as they can make you curious about how they perform. Still, it’s a fair strategy to further convince you into buying this program because it’s very well made.

Alexandru Andrei
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  • Easy to use
  • Pleasant interface
  • Intelligently designed monitoring tools
  • Battery gadget helps you keep an eye on your battery status
  • Graphic Evolution tab draws a clear and complete picture about your battery's condition


  • Would be nice if trial version allowed you to test calibration and discharging functions
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